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Branding Your Biz is Not Optional


Being a Branding Boss as a mental health professional is the best career choice that you can make. The Dope Therapist Community is a space that you can be authentic to who want to become, do, and have for an abundant lifestyle. Being a Branded DopeTherapist is


Now I know that you have probably attempted to network with other professionals to determine if a business is something you really want to do.....OR Consulted with seasoned clinicians, however, they were unable to provide you with steps to start and scale your business. So, how would you like me to take you by the hand, and give you ALL of the tips and tricks to branding your business?


Let's Make

Let's increase your value and income by building your business blueprints, converting prospects into clients, and add income streams


Want to know how to assess your mental health private practice to MANIFEST Profits in your business? Join me on Instagram! I have plenty of Branding Videos and Go live for Q & A. 



Need a Private Practice Blueprint with Guidance? Gain Clarity & Niche Marketing, Biz Systems Back Office, Pricing Services, and Caseload Fulfillment. Members also receive access to an Online Course portal full of activities with Lifetime access to materials.


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Want to learn branding tools to build a strong business and brand your lifestyle for abundance? Check out my YoutTube Vlo9g and be sure to subscribe today. 


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