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Everything You Need to Market a Successful Business Online, No Experience Required!

Digital products are the key to unlocking financial independence and flexibility. Whether you’re a busy mom wanting to provide the best for your child, a new entrepreneur eager to enter the digital space, or someone looking to earn extra money to enhance your lifestyle, digital products offer the perfect solution. With just WiFi and your phone, you can create, market, and sell products that bring in revenue while giving you the freedom to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Let's Talk about How Digital Sales Can Change Your Life:

👉🏽 1 sale = $497

👉🏽 10 sales = $4,970

👉🏽 30 sales = $14,910

What can you do with an extra $5k or $15k a month?

Perfect for Everyone:

Whether you're a mom juggling family responsibilities, a new entrepreneur seeking to break into the digital market, or someone simply looking to supplement your income, our program fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Imagine being able to work from home, on the go, or even while traveling, all while building a business that allows you to live well and prosper.

What the Course Includes:


  • Module 1: Diving into Digital Entrepreneurialism

  • Module 2: Understanding Your Niche

  • Module 3: Building a Solid Business Base

  • Module 4: Tailoring a Business to Your Vision

  • Module 5: Branding Essentials

  • Module 6: Introduction to Business Automation

  • Module 7: Stan Store

  • Module 8:

  • Module 9: Prebuilt Funnels with

  • Module 10: Email Marketing Mastery

  • Module 11: Email Marketing with Stan Store

  • Module 12: Email Marketing Mastery

  • Module 13: Sales & Content Creation

  • Module 14: TikTok Content Marketing

  • Module 15: Facebook Content Marketing

  • Module 16: Instagram Content Marketing

  • Module 17: YouTube Content Marketing

  • Module 18: Pinterest Content Marketing

  • Module 19: LinkedIn Content Marketing

  • Module 20: Blogging 

  • Module 21: Video Editing with Cap-Cut

  • Module 22: Affiliate Marketing

  • Module 23: From Idea to Market Ready Product

  • Module 24: Creatives with Canva

  • Module 25: How to Build a Written Digital Product

  • Module 26: How to Build a Video-Based Digital Product

  • Module 27: How to Host your Course on Skool

  • Module 28: How to Host your Course on Kajabi

  • Module 29: Organization & Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

  • Module 30: Master Resell Rights (MRR)

  • Lifetime Access

  • Community & Support Calls


  • Business Therapy Private Podcast Feed - This additonal bonus will help you take your idea out of your head and put it into the computer without overthinking your decision to dream big and level up your life.


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