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Discover a 3-Step, Proven Blueprint to Creating Wealth in Your Private Practice (WITHOUT Guilt or Overwhelm)

60-Day FREE Prosperous

Private Practice Bootcamp

Starts Monday, June 20, 2022


What You Need to Grow a Profitable Practice in Today’s Oversaturated Market

Inside this Bootcamp…

  • I’ll show you how to stand out from the crowd with your branding, marketing, and back-office processes.


  • We will uncover if you are leaving money on the table with a detailed wealth assessment, and I’ll show you how to price your services.


  • You’ll find out how to create the EPIC lifestyle and wealth you desire unapologetically, without working more hours (hello delegation!).

More therapists are going into private practice than ever before, and I want to show you how to stand out and generate maximum profits in the next 60 days and beyond.

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And I’m super excited to be your coach during this 60-Day Bootcamp. 


I got my start at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, my first $100K salary job, with plans to be a public servant for 10 years to earn loan forgiveness, but I ended up getting completely burnt out. 


So I want to plan B, launching my private practice with ZERO systems, no defined brand, and doing everything myself. I depended on my clinical expertise to build a business, and as a result, my revenue was totally inconsistent. 


Through trial & error, I discovered what would become my signature BRAND framework for building a profitable private practice. I grew my brand into a local & global business earning $50K months+, running a team, and having a booked out caseload of ideal clients. 


As a Therapist, you need a business coach who gets where you’re coming from because they certainly didn’t train you up on marketing in grad school. 


I’m your girl! I teach therapists like you how to create a thriving, profitable, fully booked practice. 


You can have BOTH / AND… 

  • A practice that accepts cash payments AND insurance. 
  • Serving clients well AND generating plenty of money to do things like buying a gorgeous bag, taking your hubby to Vegas, and even getting your kids first-class seats on a flight if you want! 
  • Fulfilling, purposeful work, and premium pricing. 


You don’t have to choose one or the other. Let’s get started!

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What are the dates for the Bootcamp?

  • Monday, June 20th, the FREE 60-Day Course and the Facebook group will open.
  • Training and workshops will be released every 7 days to prep you for the LIVE sessions (available for replay on Facebook).
  • I will go LIVE on Facebook on some days and we go full force on the dates below LIVE:
  • Monday, August 8th @ 11 am (PST)
  • Tuesday, August 9th @ 11 am (PST)
  • Wednesday, August 10th @ 11 am (PST)
  • Thursday, August 11th @ 11 am (PST)

Do I need to register to watch it?

Yes! We have designed a 60-day Bootcamp Experience. All attendees will be given course access, workbooks, and access to our Facebook Community to take fast action in their private practice via our online group after each session.

How do I get the FREE Course portion of the Bootcamp?

After you register for the Bootcamp on this page, you will see a link on the Thank you page and in your email to register.

I can’t make it to the session. Will there be a replay?

YES, you will be able to access the replay during the entire BootCamp. The course is yours to keep and replays and workbooks (on Facebook) will be available until August 19, 2022.

If I already have a private practice or work in a group practice, should I attend?

Yes! Most therapists have never done an assessment of their business health. Let alone, learn how to know their REAL numbers for profitability. I encourage you to come. Past attendees have told us that "you don't know what you don't know."

If I am not licensed, can I still attend?

Yes! It is never too early to brand yourself with a profitable mindset. If you are within 6 months of licensure, it is highly recommended that you attend.

Recap: What do I get?

For 60-Days, from June 20th to August 20th, 2022, you will get...


Course Access

A multi-module course that helps you assess the health of your current or future private practice, Wealth and Profitability, Vision forecasting, Becoming a CEO, and more!


Online Community

Access to Weekly Fast-Action and motivational coaching videos to prep your week for greatness. These serve as brief coaching sessions for you to implement what you have learned in your course and connect with other therapists.


Fast Action Workbooks

Each lesson in your course and during the week intensive BootCamp provides access to workbooks full of activities to help you generate a map and execute steps in your business to optimize growth.


Community & Connection

Over the next 60 days, you will get the opportunity to connect with a wide range of therapists across the country and hold one another accountable for growth by engaging in discussions and activities via our online community.


Coaching for 60 days

Never received coaching? This is your opportunity to test drive the car that hundreds of therapists have done with me over the last 10 years. Get a dose of coaching for private practice by another therapist! Let's WIN together.