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4 Seasons in Business Therapists should know!

4 Seasons in Business You Should Know:

(1) Winter Season - The season for intentional planning 

(2) Spring - The season to grow and launch! 

(3) Summer  - The season to scale and take that quantum leap

(4) Autumn  - The season to evaluate and harvest. It’s time to reflect and learn. 

Conclusion: Therapist, don’t compare your season to someone else’s. 

To Mainstream Society: Therapists are Humans, not Heroes. They can’t see everyone and do everything. 

Now, let's break down the launch phases integrated into the season.

❄️Winter: Think of winter as cozy planning time. It’s cold outside, so we stay in and map out our dreams for the year. Grab your hot cocoa, and let’s sketch those big ideas! 💡 Pre-Pre Launch

🌸 Spring: It’s all about fresh starts and new beginnings, just like planting a garden. It’s the perfect time to launch your projects and watch them bloom. Ready to grow something awesome together? 💡 Pre-Launch

☀️ Summer: This means sun’s out, fun’s out aka we outside 😂 It’s when things really heat up. Whatever you started in spring is now ready to go big🔥. Let’s make the most of the long days and push our comfort zone! 💡Launch Phase

🍁Autumn: As the leaves change, it’s time to see the results of our hard work. Autumn is for harvesting and figuring out what worked and what didn’t. Let’s rake up the leaves and plan our next big move! 💡 Debriefing

What season are you in?

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