Want to Obtain Speaking Engagements?

Becoming a sought-out speaker in your area of expertise is a dream for most therapists. Find out the steps you need to take today to stop dreaming and start doing.

Today’s tips and recommendations come in response to an Oklahoma based therapist looking to branch out into public speaking. She’s an LCSW who’s feeling held back by fear and her lack of marketing skills. She wants to put her license to work by completing her book, speaking at local venues, and launching a coaching practice.

I share what she can do to develop an understanding of her market and build a foundation that will undoubtedly bring about the kind of confidence and notoriety she needs. Catch my advice on how she can start working on her skills as a speaker while building her network.


Coaching Session Goals:

  • Learn how to start speaking at different venues as a therapist.

  • Get the tools necessary to complete a book and build a practice.

  • Find ways to acquire testimonials.



Doctor TK

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