A few seconds after our entrance to this world, we received a name within seconds of our first breath. We have maneuvered throughout different stages in our lives and have introduced ourselves to others typically by our first name, sometimes a nickname. As life passes us by, we do not even realize how important our name is to the world. On a larger scale, we also do not recognize that our name is our brand. Our brand represents who we are, even when we are not physically present. So I ask you, what does your name represent?

Per my previous Blog about the GIRP format, I will begin to write some of my content in the form of a treatment session so you can apply the interventions and plan of action immediately.

GOAL: Your Name is your Brand "Self-Assessment." INTERVENTION #1: When you are introduced to someone new, how do you introduce yourself? Include name, titles and any other pertinent information that you would see as relevant in the following settings:

  1. Job interview

  2. Career networking event

  3. Family and friends social gathering

RESPONSE #1: How we introduce ourselves to others speak volumes to our personality characteristics that we either thrive on or shy away from. Depending on the environment, we tend to even switch around words of how we introduce ourselves. Below are some examples. Think about how differently you interact and introduce yourself to others. Psychology career networking event environment, I may introduce myself as: "Hello, my name is Dr. Tekesia Jackson-Rudd. I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and have a private practice in Los Angeles County.” Business Networking event: “Hello, my name is Dr. Tekesia Jackson-Rudd, also known as Doctor TK. I am a Clinical Psychologist and Branding coach for therapists and Millennial Women & Men to build a Clinical Private Practice and Personal Brand. Personal Gathering: “Hello, my name is TK.”

INTERVENTION #2: Find three people in your close circle. Ask them the following question: When you hear your name, what three words come to mind? RESPONSE #2: We often want to leave a good first or everlasting impression on others, especially when we are not physically present. Without interrupting or asking follow-up questions, find three individuals that you consider part of your inner circle. Ask them the question above and write down their response. Then return to a quiet space to reflect on all the responses. Identify commonalities and themes that are present in all responses. If there are no common themes, ask yourself "Have these individuals met different sides of me depending on the environment and how I know them?” If yes, the difference in the responses is normal. If no, you may want to reevaluate how and why you present yourself differently based on the individual or setting.

INTERVENTION #3: If you were introduced on a TV show as a guest, how would you want the host to introduce you to the audience in one to three sentences? RESPONSE #3: Sit in a quiet space, get a pen and sheet of paper out. Really think about how you would want the world to meet you. If you need help, write down characteristics, accomplishments, and titles that you want to be known by. Remember, you are creating an everlasting impression to the world.

PLAN: Continue to review your responses from the questions in the activities above. Practice utilizing your introduction to when you meet other people. It is okay to change it from time to time to determine what is the best introduction. Nevertheless, began to BECOME the person who you want others to know you by. Your NAME. YOUR BRAND!

I am Doctor TK, a Clinical Psychologist & Therapist Branding Coach.

I help mental health clinicians BRAND their career, Create an IMPACT, Earn a Dynamic Income and Have lifestyle FREEDOM.

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