Your Private Practice is NOT your Brand!

Did you know that people would prefer to buy the Brand over the product?

The Brand includes your vision and purpose. Your brand builds loyalty and commitment to what your brand represents.

So, do you have or want a private practice?

Did you know that the client will sign up for services with YOU...your personality...NOT your business.

Let’s take a deeper look.

A client calls you and expresses interest in your services.

Do you:

  1. Just sign them up OR

  2. Request a consultation to ensure that it is a good match.

I hope the latter!

Consultations allow you and the client to determine if your BRAND can create a transformation for their problem.

Hence, you are providing them with information on how your BRAND is a good match for them.

So, do you need to work on your brand?

Do you actually know the purpose and vision of your private practice or mental health business?

To be honest, most clinicians don’t even have a business plan to outline the vision and mission (purpose) of their business. Hence, they don’t grow or scale.

So, I hope by reading this you have decided to build or enhance your BRAND.

​ ​Your degree will only be an introduction. But let’s be real. Clients like to work with THE PERSON they like, not necessarily the degree!

So, I would like to invite you to listen to my Branding Training. Be sure to leave me feedback on the platform you select to listen to it on! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!!

What is Your Branding Architecture



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