Arkeria Robertson

Licensed Professional Counselor


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Head of Sales

Licensed Professional Counselor

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Product Manager

Licensed Professional Counselor

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Gina, New York

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

“The greatest lesson I learned about joining the academy in terms of being on the fence is that it’s an investment in yourself. You may have a number of great ideas and you may feel that you can really do it on your own but having someone provide you with direction, who can help you formulate what your low-hanging fruit is, formulate ideas around how to bring that to fruition, has been quite helpful. We can live in our sheds. 

And because life gets on the way all the time in many different areas, particularly for people who are mental health clinicians, we are in the field of helping and sometimes that extends beyond our office: We help everyone around us and sometimes all that energy is not completely dedicated to ourselves.

So, it helps you to focus on you: It helps you to put those ideas into action, understand your mission, understand that your ideas are needed and relevant at this time, understand that you really are a part of a larger plan and puzzle. You’re unique to yourself unlike anyone else and the way you deliver your message is for a particular audience that’s waiting for you to speak.”  

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Alisha, North Carolina

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

Before joining the academy, I had a couple of clients here and there in my business. Just trying to figure out the private practice business and how to work and manage things.”

I can say they held me accountable for making and sticking to those goals each week. Having accountability partners that I linked up with also holds me accountable to make sure that I reach my goal.”

“My experience working with Doctor TK is that I am thankful that I was able to run across her on Instagram because I felt I was all by myself in this field. I didn’t have anyone that I could reach out to. But by seeing her post on Instagram, getting her email, and then eventually signing up for the academy, I was able to find other females who kinda identified what I was going through. That helped me boost my confidence and allow me to be able to do more than what I’ve been doing in my private practice and be confident with what I’m doing and then have the support of the women that is awesome”

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Edith, Pennsylvania

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

Before joining the academy, my business wasn’t very defined: I think I just had a lot of ideas, I didn’t have a lot of guidance on what to do with them and I didn’t really have this much structure. I also didn’t have a lot of awareness about resources that were available to help guide my business.”

“My two biggest wins and takeaways from the academy are, one was that I started posting videos on Instagram. So that’s huge for me because I wasn’t doing so before. And then two was that I started my Telehealth Private Practice.”

I can appreciate how it shifted my perspective around a lot of different things. Of course, I know how to be a therapist but I didn't know how to market and brand myself as a therapist. I saw people who were doing it but I just didn’t know the first steps. Then I also have a lot of insecurities. 


So working around it with Doctor TK and then choosing to join the academy definitely challenged me and helped me to have a greater foundation in where to go and what the next steps were, so it definitely gave me some direction. I’m appreciative of it. 

I think it definitely helps me set the foundation and the tone of where I would continue to go and know how to market and brand myself as a clinician.”

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Danielle, Brooklyn

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

“Before joining the academy, I had a private practice (I still have one now) and I have a 9 to 5 job as well. My business was a new business; I started about 2 years ago. 

“Two of my biggest wins from joining the academy is, I formed a community with my accountability partners and we still keep in contact. 

Another win is that I pushed myself like I haven’t pushed myself before, and I was able to really start to use social media in a way that makes sense for my target audience.”

“For anyone that’s on the fence about joining Doctor TK’s academy, I would say just go for it! It’s a great investment. It’s an investment that you can't write-off. You would see a return on your investment with all of the information that Doctor TK shares. 

She’s really knowledgeable and she’s very open with sharing information.” 

“It was really refreshing to see a Black woman psychologist who is of the community for the community that works in her community and is just focused on censoring social workers/ clinicians in the field, especially Black women. 

I was really impressed by her experience, her story, her testimony, and her willingness to build a community. Sounds like this is something that she is really vested in. This is also part of her ministry so I really appreciate that.”

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Dr. Loren, California

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

"The Dope Therapist Program helped me refine my approach to targeting specific clients by doing an extensive business plan review which included visioning, budget projections, social media strategy, and other essential aspects of running a mental health practice.


Big wins included: Psychology Today profile, Launched and getting profile page visits, Worked with a designer to create a business logo, Purchased website domain name and am creating a website, Completed CAQH profile, Secured new office location and signed lease.


I am feeling more confident about my business and the direction that I am taking it.”

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Dr. Millie, California

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

"Taking a leap of faith to start my own private practice was the scariest and the best career decision I've made thus far! I am well into my third year on my own and business continues to thrive.


Working with Doctor TK as my mentor, made the process much easier and well worthwhile. Doctor TK's guidance and step by step process gave me the confidence I needed to make my career goals a reality!


Doctor TK's passion for seeing others thrive in their career goals shined through in her dedication to helping me build my own.


She offered great insight, knowledge, and professionalism in her mentorship. I am making 10k a month in my practice! "

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Amber, California

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

"As a result of the Dope Therapist Program, I received support with a mindset shift and how I perceived my own capabilities in starting my own online private practice. It was a reminder that I have within me the tools and abilities to get it done.


Big WINS that I experienced included leaving my full-time job, moved to a different state, and increasing my caseload for my online private practice. It’s still the beginning but I am excited about the possibilities.


The lessons that were the biggest impact on my business were the mindset shift lessons. I know that I have the ability to be successful and I plan to be. All of the things that I have manifested for myself is coming to fruition and limit the amount of fear that I allow into my space."

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Dr. Rochelle, New York

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

"I was unsure of where to start before meeting Doctor TK. I knew I was experiencing burn out at work and wanted to start a private practice but did not know where to start.


I questioned whether or not I had what it took to run a business. Doctor TK provided coursework that really made me think about the things that were holding me back, how to break that mindset and practical assignments that gave step-by-step instructions on how to build a private practice and additional streams of income.


Additionally, the coaching calls with other clinicians were encouraging and motivating. I was able to see my future through their experience. We were all rooting for each other!”

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Laurie, Charlotte NC

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

“Before joining The Dope Therapist Academy, I was working for a mental health agency full-time.

“Two of my biggest wins, for number one was just organizing my thoughts to be able to start my private practice. And the second biggest win is the connections with everyone in the academy: being able to be held to a higher standard than I was holding myself and being accountable to everyone in the group.”

I originally wanted to open October of 2020, but I know with everything I learned, the accountability and the resources, I would be able to open my practice in June 2020.”  

“Working with Doctor TK was a breath of fresh air: She’s very down-to-earth, she’s so given and very knowledgeable, she knows her stuff. And I love the fact that I’m able to go to someone who’s actually been where I wanna be, and who’s actually thriving in multiple areas of her life, not just financially but emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She has a heart of gold. Anyone just knows that when you’re connected with her, you’re not just connected with her (the “business her”) but you're connected with her as a (whole).”

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Dominique, Cleveland OH

Dope Therapist Academy Takeaway:

“Before the Dope Therapist Academy, I worked full-time (I still currently work full-time). I didn’t have a private practice. Working with the Dope Therapist Academy has given me that confidence in starting my private practice. 

Before joining the academy, I didn’t have a framework, plan, or a name. It was just a thought that wasn’t, all the way, in motion yet and the Dope Therapist Academy has definitely given me the framework: I have started to process and register my LLC and I have a logo and a name for the brand of my practice. It definitely helped me in the four weeks past.”

“My two biggest wins for joining the academy; I would definitely say my MINDSET. It was always something that I wanted to do but I just didn’t have that vision and actually did not believe that I could do it, just thinking about it was too much. So definitely, my mindset changed. 

My second win is getting the information needed to actually start the process. I am much further along. Definitely it’s the information and the knowledge that I needed to obtain to actually start my private practice.”

I have built relationships with other therapists all over the country, so that has been actually a plus: You get the encouragement you need and the accountability has been absolutely, like, there is no value placed on that. 

And then Doctor TK, the things that she knows, she’s very genuine, she wants to help you reach your goals and she’s gonna push you to do it. If I didn’t join the academy, I would still be stuck. So I would definitely say push yourself, get that mindset change, and join the academy because it’s priceless.”  

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