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“Two of my biggest wins, for number one was just organizing my thoughts to be able to start my private practice. And the second biggest win is the connections with everyone in the private practice community: being able to be held to a higher standard than I was holding myself and being accountable to everyone in the group.”

​I originally wanted to open October of 2020, but I know with everything I learned, the accountability, and the resources, I would be able to open my practice in June 2020.”

- Laurie (Charlotte, NC)

" I experienced included leaving my full-time job, moved to a different state, and increasing my caseload for my online private practice. It’s still the beginning but I am excited about the possibilities.

The activities that were the biggest impact on my business were the mindset shift lessons. I know that I have the ability to be successful and I plan to be. All of the things that I have manifested for myself are coming to fruition and limit the amount of fear that I allow into my space."

- Amber (California & Texas)

"Working with Doctor TK as my mentor, made the process much easier and well worthwhile. Doctor TK's guidance and step-by-step process gave me the confidence I needed to make my career goals a reality!

Doctor TK's passion for seeing others thrive in their career goals shined through in her dedication to helping me build my own. She offered great insight, knowledge, and professionalism in her mentorship. I am making 10k a month in my practice! "

- Dr. Millie (California)


Hey!! I’m Dr. TK and I’m super excited to connect with you in our online community.

As a Therapist, you need guidance from someone who gets where you’re coming from because they certainly didn’t train you up on marketing in grad school.

I’m your girl!

I had a position at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, my first $100K job with plans to be a public servant for 10 years, but I ended up getting completely burnt out a lot quicker.

Then I launched my private practice with ZERO systems, no defined brand, and doing everything myself. I depended on my clinical expertise to build a business and my revenue was totally inconsistent.

As I discovered what would become my signature BRAND framework for building a profitable private practice, I grew my brand into a local & global business and scaled to earning $50K months+, running a team, and having a booked out caseload of ideal clients.

I teach therapists like you how to create a thriving, profitable, fully booked practice. 

You can have BOTH / AND…

  • A practice that accepts cash payments AND insurance.
  • Serving clients well AND generating plenty of money to do things like buying a gorgeous bag, take your hubby to Vegas, and even get your kids first-class seats on a flight if you want! 
  • Fulfilling, purposeful work, and premium pricing. 

You don’t have to choose one or the other.

Let’s get started!

Do you want to learn HOW??