Hey! I'm Doctor TK

A former burnt-out public therapist who built a thriving private practice and launched multiple income streams for over 8 years.

I’ll never forget when I was fresh out of grad school, and I got a 6-figure job at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. My plan was to grind it out for 10 years to get my student loans forgiven.

Only one issue… I quickly realized I did NOT like working there. My clients were great, but the work environment wasn’t what I expected. I got burnt out and wanted more freedom. 

I decided to take a risk and branch out into my own private practice, and I promptly made every mistake in the book…

No systems

No defined brand

Zero team, doing it all myself

This led to inconsistent income, and it was NOT a good look. And when I tried to find a business coach specifically for therapists… I found nothing. Luckily I’m stubborn, so I never gave up, and here we are. 

AND I’ve been able to pay my loans WITHOUT having to defer my lifestyle or stay stuck in a public service job that was burning me out.

Today, I provide business coaching exclusively to Therapists only.

BTW, I still run my private practice, because I believe in multiple streams of income.

Everything I train and teach was designed for you and has been tested and proven to work for therapists.

I believe you can make a wildly abundant living as a therapist. 

I stand for:

  • Therapists unapologetically going after big business goals and building generational wealth for their families.
  • Earning income from multiple streams.
  • Having FUN with money, I call it my “abundance fund,” and it goes for things like handbags, treating my family and me to first-class seats, or Disney World trips.

A few more things I want you to know…

I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I have 18 years of experience as a college professor and clinical supervisor. I’m also an APA-certified instructor.

I am a Wife and a Mom

I love my family and creating a lifestyle where I can be present with my husband and kids while also building a wildly profitable business serving others. It’s a win-win!

Ready To Work Together?

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