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Start or Multiply your premium private practice with a proven system in 12 weeks

Inside Dope Therapist Academy, I show you how to start or multiply your private practice with the signature, proven, B.R.A.N.D. Framework.




Develop a plan to open the doors to your practice or revamp your current practice. You’ll know exactly where to start now and how to hit your 1-5 year goals.

  • Create your clear & simple business plan.

  • Define your ideal client avatar.

  • Know your numbers so you can hit financial goals like paying off loans and buying a house.



Create a clients funnel to reach your ideal targeted audience with ease offline and online. You’ll know exactly what marketing channels to spend your time on for the best results.

  • Set up your irresistible client attraction funnel.

  • Grow your email list and automate your booking process.

  • Discover how to fill your calendar with bookings.



Build a powerful operating system inside your private practice so it can be automated and run efficiently to enjoy time and location freedom and multiply your income.

  • Get your ideal EHR system set up and operating to it’s fullest

  • Simplify your documentation process.

  • Take routine and standard tasks off your plate.



Delight and WOW your clients with an experience tailored perfectly to them. This creates repeat customers and people who refer all their friends.

  • Build client loyalty.

  • Get client testimonials and feedback on the regular.

  • Create win-wins with the people who work with you.



Take your non-genius zone tasks off your plate and become the leader you were meant to be. Leverage your time and work more on your business rather than on your business

  • Own your identity and a CEO vs just a therapist.

  • Develop hiring and onboard practices.

  • Design your abundant and FUN lifestyle

Introducing The Dope Therapist Academy, the premier business building program for ambitious pre-licensed and licensed therapists by me, Doctor TK, Clinical Psychologist & APA-Certified Instructor.

When I left grad school, I got my license and entered a 6-figure public-service positions with the Lost Angeles County Department of Health. My plan was to stick out 10 years in that role to my loans forgiven. The only problem was I got massively burnt out super fast. Not the business!


Plus, I had gotten clearer about what I wanted in life…

  • Freedom to work when and where I wanted so I could stop work at 3pm to take my son to the playground or sports.

  • To pay off my student loans without sacrificing my desired lifestyle in the process.

  • Abundant extra funds to go on fun family vacations, upgrade to first class, or splurge on a nice handbag (or 5!)

  • A fully booked roster of dream clients who joyfully paid me premium rates.

  • Generate income from multiple, abundant revenue streams and see clients in1:1 and group formats.

  • A rockstar team I could easily delegate tasks outside of my genius zone too.


And I knew the path I was on wouldn’t get me where I wanted to be so I quit that job and started my private practice. I made every mistake in the book and ultimately achieved my goal of running a highly profitable private practice. Now I can say I DO have everything I wanted, and I want to show you how to become a successful, abundant therapist too!

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