Introducing the Dope Therapist Academy, the premier business building program for ambitious pre-licensed and licensed therapists by me, Doctor TK, Clinical Psychologist & APA-Certified Instructor.

When I left grad school, I got my license and entered a 6-figure public-service position with the Los Angeles County Department of Health. My plan was to stick out 10 years in that role to get my loans forgiven. The only problem was I got massively burnt out super fast. Not the business!

Plus, I had gotten clearer about what I wanted in life…

  • Freedom to work when and where I wanted so I could stop work at 3 pm and take my son to the playground or sports.
  • To pay off my student loans without sacrificing my desired lifestyle in the process.
  • Abundant extra funds to go on fun family vacations, upgrade to first class, or splurge on a nice handbag (or 5!).
  • A fully booked roster of dream clients who joyfully paid me premium rates.
  • Generate income from multiple, abundant revenue streams and see clients in 1:1 and group formats.
  • A rockstar team I could easily delegate tasks outside of my genius zone too.

And I knew the path I was on wouldn’t get me where I wanted to be so I quit that job and started my private practice. I made every mistake in the book and ultimately achieved my goal of running a highly profitable private practice. Now I can say I DO have everything I wanted, and I want to show you how to become a successful, abundant therapist too!

Inside Dope Therapist Academy, I show you how to start or multiply your private practice with the signature, proven, B.R.A.N.D. Framework.



Develop a plan to open the doors to your practice or revamp your current practice. You’ll know exactly where to start now and how to hit your 1-5 year goals.



Create a client funnel to reach your ideal targeted audience with ease offline and online. You’ll know exactly what marketing channels to spend your time on for the best results.



Build a powerful operating system inside your private practice so it can be automated and run efficiently to enjoy time and location freedom and multiply your income.



Delight and WOW your clients with an experience tailored perfectly to them. This creates repeat customers and people who refer all their friends.



Take your non-genius zone tasks off your plate and become the leader you were meant to be. Leverage your time and work more on your business rather than on your business.


I Get Your Other Students Have Been Successful, but How Do I Know if I Have What it Takes?

Look, if you’ve made it this far I know you’re hungry for success. You either have a practice that’s inconsistent, only a side hustle or something you want to start within the next 12 months. The systems I teach within the Dope Therapist Academy WORK, you just have to apply them. If you apply even 25% of what I’m teaching you, you’ll shift your abundance. Plus we offer a 7-day guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Do you offer 1:1 coaching, and can I do that instead? 

I don’t offer 1:1 only coaching. I made that choice intentionally because I’ve witnessed time and time again that the power of community is POWERFUL. My clients get better results in group programs, so why would I offer anything else?

I do offer 1:1 access within my Elite Mastermind group program which is a $24K investment and is for therapists making a minimum of $10K/mo consistently. If you believe you’re a fit for Elite instead, we open applications every Fall.

I don’t have as much time to work on this because I still have my job and/or kids. Should I wait?

If you desire to start or grow your private practice, then don’t wait. Sign up now! And remember this - you are in your own lane. This program is designed for you to go at your own pace. Don’t compare yourself to someone who doesn’t have kids or has more time to work on their business. Just show up fully in the time you have and watch the results come in.

How Do I Receive Access To The Portal and How Long Is the DTA Program?

You will get access to the portal via email within 24 hours. The DTA program for your cohort is 6-weeks long. You receive lifetime access to the portal upon joining and as a bonus, I’m giving you lifetime access to coaching calls for future cohorts as well! We have your back well beyond our 6 weeks together.

How Are the Coaching Calls Structured and What If I Miss One?

All coaching calls are hosted within our exclusive community group. All students will have the opportunity to ask individual questions on the call and in our online community between calls. The calls are 60 minutes. If you miss a call, you’ll have access to the recording inside the portal!

What If I Have Other Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via our support tickets for questions about the coursework (in your portal). You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live coaching sessions and through our private Facebook community.

Will DTA Work For Me If I’m Not Licensed?

Short answer: YES. See below ;)

Are you a pre-licensed mental health professional who wants to know if you’re eligible for the Dope Therapist Academy? We got you.

Looking for a sign? Then, READ this: If you're pre-licensed, this is a PERFECT time to build your own business. Why? You don’t have to undo learning bad business habits. You take your time and BUILD your foundation. There’s nothing to lose unless you can’t consume the information right now. So if you're ready to build your private practice the right way, JOIN the Dope Therapist Academy.



I developed my ideal client, social media presence & branded my practice.


I had a serious mindset shift. I have gained my financial and time investment back x 2!


I had a serious mindset shift. I have gained my financial and time investment back x 2!


I streamlined my EHR to effectively use social media in my niche.

More Client Success Stories

“The greatest lesson I learned about joining the academy in terms of being on the fence is that it’s an investment in yourself. You may have a number of great ideas and you may feel that you can really do it on your own but having someone provide you with direction, who can help you formulate what your low-hanging fruit is, formulate ideas around how to bring that to fruition, has been quite helpful. We can live in our sheds. 

- Gina, New York

“Two of my biggest wins from joining the academy is, I formed a community with my accountability partners and we still keep in contact. 

Another win is that I pushed myself like I haven’t pushed myself before, and I was able to really start to use social media in a way that makes sense for my target audience.”

- Danielle, Brooklyn

"Big wins included: Psychology Today profile, Launched and getting profile page visits, Worked with a designer to create a business logo, Purchased website domain name and am creating a website, Completed CAQH profile, Secured new office location and signed lease."

- Dr. Loren, Los Angeles